Using Credit-by-Exam

Where do credit-by-exam products, such as CLEP* and DSST*, fit in to your degree plan?  Usually, credit-by-exam is used for introductory courses, typically taken in the first two years of college.  Some DSST exams are evaluated for upper level credit.  Check with your college for details on the exams it accepts and the corresponding course numbers.

You might be able to find a table such as this on your college's website: Sample CLEP Acceptance Table
In this example, course equivalents are listed by course number.  This is convenient for checking CLEP credit against general education requirements.

Be sure to check for footnotes on CLEP-acceptance charts. CLEP-acceptance can vary by major within a if you know your major, check with that department of the college as well.  Try to get CLEP policies from the school in writing.