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How do I know which CLEP exams my college accepts? 

Check the school’s website or call them.  Alternatively, the Find A College tool at the College Board provides information about CLEP policies; however, you need to be careful because sometimes the schools have footnotes to their CLEP policies that are not included in the CollegeBoard's data.  It's best to check the school's website directly.   CLEP policies vary by school and are subject to change.  It is very important to check CLEP policies at the specific school you're interested in!  REPEAT: CHECK WITH THE SCHOOL!

If you have decided on a major, consult the advisors in your department about using CLEP or DSST for credit.  Although the college as a whole might accept CLEP credits, your department might not.  Often, colleges require that all courses in a major be taken at the school.

Here are some other CLEP policies you might encounter:

1) A limit on the number of credits that can be earned through credit-by-exam.  

2)  Some colleges limit CLEP to pre-freshmen or freshmen.  Other colleges consider CLEP inappropriate for freshmen and will only consider it for adult learners returning to school.  

3)  Some colleges charge a fee to transcribe CLEP credits.  

4) Some colleges have a requirement that the next level in the course sequence be passed to receive CLEP credit for the introductory course.  

5)  Some schools require a departmental essay in addition to CLEP.  For example, UA Huntsville requires a deparmental essay for history CLEPs.

6)  Some schools accept CLEP based on their policy in effect on the date  the CLEP was taken.  Others use their current policy for all CLEPs regardless of when they were taken.

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