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Accelerated Study

If you have limited time to prepare for a CLEP exam, follow this schedule:

Accelerate your study at Instantcert.  Use this link for a discount:


  • Purchase the REA book with practice tests on CD. Sample search for REA CLEP prep books
  • Review Instantcert flashcards, taking time to read the explanations.
  • Do all the practice tests you can and be sure to review the answers carefully. 
  • Use other materials recommended in the specific exam feedback forum of Instantcert (degreeforum.net) as time permits.

For the Spanish CLEP (evaluated for up to 12 credit hours in the Humanities), try Spanish Hour's CLEP-prep plan. Their program has been favorably reviewed by college professors. Use coupon code 63112 for a $5 discount off your first month.


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